UED(Url Encoded Data) - Format for Sending Data to the Server Side
URL Encoded Data - or UED - is a format used to send data to the server side in Ajax Applications. It is created using the same syntax used in the query part of the URL. ued_encode() will take an array as its argument and return the data encoded in UED format.
jx - JavaScript Ajax Library
jx is a small toolkit for providing AJAX support in JavaScript. It supports GET and POST method. The supported return types are plain text and JSON.
A Gentle Introduction to Ajax
Ajax or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML enables the programmer to execute a server-side script without refreshing the page. A tutorial that introduces the user to the basics of this new technology.
Hyperlink 2.0 - Ajax Page Transitions
When a user clicks on a link, this script finds which page linked and then load that page using AJAX internally. Then it takes the contents of the <body> tag and replace the contents of the body tag of the current page with the new content. Thus we render the new page - without changing the URL.
XML Parser for JavaScript - xml2array()
xml2array() parses the given XML document and return the data in an associative array.