Greasemonkey UserScripts

NOTE: This page is only relevant for users of Firefox. You need the greasemonkey extension of firefox for these scripts to work.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to write scripts that alter the web pages you visit. You can use it to make a web site more readable or more usable. You can fix rendering bugs that the site owner can't be bothered to fix themselves. You can even automatically retrieve data from other sites to make two sites more interconnected. In short it will let you be in control of the sites you visit.

Greasemonkey by itself does none of these things. In fact, after you install it, you won't notice any change at all... until you start installing what are called 'user scripts'. A user script is just a chunk of Javascript code, with some additional information that tells Greasemonkey where and when it should be run. Each user script can target a specific page, a specific site, or a group of sites. A user script can do anything you can do in Javascript. In fact, it can do even more than that, because Greasemonkey provides special functions that are only available to user scripts.

The following are some User Scripts that I have created. For installing these scripts, first install Greasemonkey extension for firefox. Then right click the link and choose 'Install User Script' Option from the context menu.

Dzone Link Corrector - GreaseMonkey UserScript
Recently Dzone changed their links to point to dzone's internal discussion pages instead of the story page. This user script changes it back.
GoogleReader Bottom Link - GreaseMonkey UserScript
Adds a link to the original page in all items in Google Reader at the end of the items.
Google Search Focus
One thing about Google search that irritates me is that the search input box don't have accesskey attribute. Once I do a search, the only way to focus the search input field is to grab the mouse - and I hate that. This script only works on google search result pages(SERPs). If you press 'Alt+s' in a result page, the search text input field will be focused. Very useful if you want to refine your search.
YouTube Video Original Page - GreaseMonkey UserScript
YouTube Video Original Page UserScript will insert a link to the original page of a YouTube video from a page which has an embedded YouTube Video.
Download YouTube Video - GreaseMonkey UserScript
'Download YouTube Video - GreaseMonkey UserScript' is a script that will add a link to all the videos in YouTube that will let you download the video to your Hard Disk.
Bookmark Every Digg - GreaseMonkey UserScript
A GreaseMonkey Script to add bookmark links next to all digg entries to the most popular bookmarking sites(, furl etc.)
Multiple Engine Searcher 1.00.A
Adds links to other search engines when searching for something on google.
UrlMod 1.00.B
Displays a small toolbar to directly access different parts of this site using the given URL. Press Ctrl+Shift+U to show the toolbar.
NoClick 1.00.A
Removes the 'click' element from links. Just hover the mouse over a link for one second and the script will automatically click the link. Inspired by NoClick
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