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Jasfer or JavaScript Feed Reader is a JavaScript program to read RSS feeds and display it in a HTML file.

You can embed this software in your page with just a couple of lines - then any feed of your choice will be shown on your page. I made this software to be as customizable as possible - it is very easy to change its appearance using CSS styles. Adding more features is also just as easy. I have created a few demos. Check them out.

Now a bit on the technical details on how the script works. It uses the Microsoft's XML Parser(Microsoft.XMLDOM) and will extract all necessary info using the DOM structure. Currently, the script will work only for feeds that are in RSS format - that means no atom - which is very bad for me as my blog has an atom feed and I won't be able to show my blog entries in my main site. I will try to add this feature as soon as possible - as I am very much dependent on it.

As you may have guessed the box to the right is a working example of Jasfer. Try to load different feed using the below form.

Load feed


Contains all the logic.
A CSS Theme for JASFER.

Other Files...

Code for the Expand/Collapse Theme.
A CSS Theme Expand/Collapse JASFER widget.
Another CSS Theme for JASFER widget.


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