Fixed Background Remover - GreaseMonkey UserScript
Fixed Background Remover UserScript disables fixed background anywhere in the page. Changes all fixed background images to normal background image(scrolls with the page).
Pointer - JSL Demo Application
This is a demo application for JSL JavaScript Library. This application uses the jsl_cookie plugin for JSL as well. Basically it stores the value in the textbox in a cookie. When the user returns to this page, the value is shown again. The JavaScript code for this application is just 10 lines. View the source of this page to see it.
Crontab Code Generator
JSL Crontab Code Generator is a GUI application that can be used to create new crontab entries easily. Cron is a automation tool for Linux systems.
Waiting Until User Stops Typing to Check the Status Using Ajax
There are many cases when you have to check some status in the server side while the user is typing in the data. One example that comes to mind is the username check - you can check for the availability of the username when the user is keying in the name. Usually this is done on the 'onchange' event. It can be done on the 'keypress' event too - but not many people prefer that because its expensive. Fetching data from the server takes time. A better method is to wait until the user completes typing to check the data - I'll show you how to do that in this tutorial.
JavaScript Calendar Script/Date Picker Widget
There are many javascript calendar widgets(or date pickers) out there - so I decided to make another one. Yes, I have a really bad case of 'Not-Invented-Here' syndrome...
JSON Encoder/Decoder For JavaScript
JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight computer data interchange format. It is a text-based, semi-readable format for representing simple data structures and associative arrays. The main advantage of using JSON is that it can be parsed into an object using very little code - and for this reason, many people(including me) prefer using it as the ajax response format.
JSL Demo - Chatter
Implements a very simple chatting application using JSL in around 20 lines of code.
JSL - JavaScript Library
JSL or "JavaScript Library" is, well, a JavaScript Library. It borrows many ideas from jQuery.
GreaseMonkey UserScript - OpenDNS Redirector
Are you using OpenDNS? If so, this GreaseMonkey UserScript is for you. If you get a OpenDNS Error page, this UserScript will insert a link to the original page.
GreaseMonkey Script to Speedup
Ajaxian is a very important site for javascript programmers. Unfortunately, it is very slow in my system. The problem is caused by the small fixed background. Firefox takes a long time to scroll due to this. So I decided to solve the problem myself - by writing a greasemonkey script to remove the background on Ajaxian.
Confirmation on Leaving the Current Page in JavaScript
There are some places when you have to ask the user for confirmation when they leave the current page. This article shows you have to implement it.
Functions to Convert a Hex Color String to RGB Values and Back
A couple of functions to convert between RGB values to a hex color value and back. One function will convert the given Red, Blue and Green values to a Hex code - the format of colour used in HTML. For example, if the values 255,255,255 is given, the hex code #FFFFFF must be returned. The other function will take the hex string as the argument and return an array with three values - red, blue and green.
New JavaScript Library
For the last few weeks I have been working on a new JavaScript Library. Its still not ready(I have to write some more test) for publishing - so I thought that I will create a small preview for it. My library is heavily influenced by <a href="">jQuery</a>. All the good features belong to jQuery - all the bugs belong to me.
Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript
Despite the many JavaScript libraries that are available today, I cannot find one that makes it easy to add keyboard shortcuts(or accelerators) to your javascript app. This is because keyboard shortcuts where only used in JavaScript games - no serious web application used keyboard shortcuts to navigate around its interface. But Google apps like Google Reader and Gmail changed that. So, I have created a function to make adding shortcuts to your application much easier.
Decrypting Anti-Spamming Email Encryption
We have all seen people encrypting their email address when printing it online. These is to prevent the spam bots from reading it. Ordinary emails like become me -|at|- somewhere -|.|- com. To test the effectiveness of such 'encryption', I have created a small regular expression based script. Just enter your encrypted email in the first box and see if my script can decrypt it.
UED(Url Encoded Data) - Format for Sending Data to the Server Side
URL Encoded Data - or UED - is a format used to send data to the server side in Ajax Applications. It is created using the same syntax used in the query part of the URL. ued_encode() will take an array as its argument and return the data encoded in UED format.
Rounding Numbers to a given Decimal Point
For reasons that are beyond me, Javascript does not have a function that could be used to round a number to a given decimal points. If you want to show the price of an item in the format 5.00, you cannot just call a function round(5,2) to do it. Yes, Javascript has a rounding function - Math.round() - but that function just rounds the number to its nearest integer. So, as always, I have created a function that will do this...
CreateDOM - $C() - Create DOM Stuctures Easily
$C() is a function that provides a much easier alternative to W3C DOM's createElement function. You can create DOM sturctures very easily with it.
Change a Character in a string - setCharAt() Function
setCharAt() is a function that can be used to change a single character in a string in JavaScript.
dump() - Javascript equivalent of PHP's print_r() function
The dump() function for JavaScript tries to emulate the print_r() function of PHP.
Some Bookmarklets(or favelets) I have created. Includes Digger, Download YouTube Video, etc.
Links Search - Interactive Sitemaps
The Links Search function takes a few keywords from the user and searches the DOM structure for link texts matching the search term(s). If the search term is not found in a link, that links will be hidden from view.
Using CSS Selectors in JavaScript - getElementsBySelector()
getElementsBySelector() function returns the DOM elements based on the CSS selectors provided by the user. Supports CSS3 Selectors.
Class Manipulation using JavaScript
As you may know, JavaScript is for behaviour and CSS is for presentation. But often we use the 'style' property of an element to change the apperance of an element. A better way of approching the problem is to change the classname of the element in question and define the class in the CSS file. These functions will help you do that.
Live Validator 1.00.A Beta
Live Validator is a JavaScript program that will validate any form field as the user types the data according to the regular expressions that you have specified.
Wrapper Insertion Rounded Corners
Function for creating Rounded Corners for any DIV. Uses JavaScript and CSS with four images.
jx - JavaScript Ajax Library
jx is a small toolkit for providing AJAX support in JavaScript. It supports GET and POST method. The supported return types are plain text and JSON.
XML Parser for JavaScript - xml2array()
xml2array() parses the given XML document and return the data in an associative array.
Greasemonkey UserScripts
Some User Scripts that I have created for the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox.
JAvaScript FEed Reader - JASFER V 1.00.A
Jasfer or JavaScript Feed Reader is a JavaScript program to read RSS feeds and display it in a HTML file.
Enigma Machine - The Program...
Enigma Machine is a device used in World War II by Germany for encryption and decryption of top secret documents. This is a JavaScript implementation of the Enigma Machine.
666 Finding Utility
I developed this program to show how ridiculous it is to say that a person is from Anti-Christ just because his name has the number 666 encoded in it.